Want to remedy your career burnout or boredom?

Embark on my exclusive 5-day career journey. Discover and get hired for work you find meaningful.

You’ll get a career clarity quiz, a career burnout assessment, my signature H.I.R.E.D. résumé framework plus more.

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Keep your career moving and experience greater work-life harmony!

This 3 session bespoke program offers on-one-one coaching. Here are our signature steps:

Step One – Making work work for you

In our power packed, one-hour chat, we’ll discover what’s not working at work, and then, we’ll start putting it right. For you, that might mean we need to have your manager say yes to a flexible-working plan, or you might want to make a transition into entrepreneurship. If making work work for you means being prepared for the major adjustment from maternity leave, we’ll iron things out and keep you from losing out in your career.

Step Two – Sleep for you and baby

Starting with power-packed, science-based questions with a coaching spin, we’ll discover and remedy what’s stopping you from getting better quality and quantity sleep. We’ll put a game plan in place to tackle baby’s sleep too. Access to Rachel in-between sessions means that you’ll have her when you need her for advice, encouragement, or empowerment.

Step Three – More energy, less burnout

We’ve tackled work, and we’ve tackled sleep. So now we’re ready to slap the icing on the cake and deal with the energy suckers. We can’t add time to our day, but at the end of step three, you’ll have a comprehensive toolkit to thrive in your career and other aspects of life.

Sleep 10:2, Sleep 10:2 Parents, Average to Awesome, Sleep Coaching, Sleep Strategies

Did you know?

Research from Fairygodboss shows four out of ten new moms leave their jobs even though 75% of expecting mothers say they feel excited to get back to work after maternity leave.

Care.com has found that one in four working moms cry once a week due to the stress of balancing work life with home life.

A study from Working Moms Break showed 80% of working moms catch up on work nights and weekends.

Career Mama gives you:
  • Greater balance between work and home
  • Better quality sleep even with your baby’s current sleep habits
  • A better grip on your limited time
  • Increased productivity and wellness
  • All the tips, tricks, and resources you need to thrive at home and at work
You will experience:
  • Greater ambition and confidence
  • The refreshing feeling of better rest
  • Deeper bonding with your baby, less tears, and more joy
  • Better relationships at home and work
  • Empowerment through respect, affirmations, and dedicated support