Want to remedy your career burnout or boredom?

Embark on my exclusive 5-day career journey. Discover and get hired for work you find meaningful.

You’ll get a career clarity quiz, a career burnout assessment, my signature H.I.R.E.D. résumé framework plus more.

career coaching

Did you know?

According to CBS News, 51% of workers feel no real connection to their jobs.

A 2016 Forbes article showed that job search boards have less than a 10% response rate.

The American Institute of Stress states that 80% of workers feel stress at work.

A 2013 Harvard Medical School finding shows you have a 96% chance of feeling burned out if you’re a senior leader.

career coaching

Here are some of the career concerns we can help you tackle:

  • Transferring your skills, packaging, and marketing them to navigate a career change successfully
  • Articulating exactly why you would be the best person for a senior leader or another Fortune 500 role
  • Feeling stuck or bored in your job
  • Making a career comeback after being a stay-at-home parent
  • Being overwhelmed with work and not experiencing work-life harmony

Rachel has helped clients make career transitions and develop in their careers at companies such as the ones below.

Career Coaching Programs

Signature steps:

Get to the next level in your career field with my signature 5-week Career Raise Coaching program.

Step 1 – Hone In And Exude

Step 2 – Creatively Strategize And Execute

Step 3 – Master A Life-Long Skill

This program includes one-on-one coaching with Rachel, a professionally written résumé, and a completely revamped LinkedIn profile that attracts those in a position to hire you. Career Raise also includes coaching on how to improve three essential skills relevant to your next career move. Access to Rachel for the program duration, bespoke activities and exercises, and more.

*Steps are customized to your unique needs.

On-demand career burnout coaching

A one-hour coaching session that gives you a plan of attack to remedy your career stress or burnout.

Deep-dive is ideal for you if:

•    You’re struggling to get along with a manager or co-worker

•    You’re not getting enough sleep and are starting to feel and experience the impact

•    You’re not as motivated and productive as you used to be

•    You’re feeling overwhelmed

•    You’ve got a big work project coming up, and you’re stressed you won’t get it completed to a high standard and on time


Signature steps:

Unlock your career potential, get career guidance, and live your fullest life with my signature 10-week Career Clarity program.

Step 1 – Mindset Matters

Step 2 – Career Clarity

Step 3 – Execute A Winning Strategy

Step 4 – Transfer, Build, & Leverage

Step 5 – Master A Life-Long Skill

Whether it’s professional development courses or a new job, you’ll get a stellar strategy and everything you need to start on a new career track.

*Steps are customized to your unique needs